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You want the best for your family - and we want to help you get there.  Children and teenager's who are overweight can have negative opinions about themselves and are more likely to become overweight adults, leading to serious health problems. 

But you have the chance to change your child or teenagers future for the better.  

Lack of time, the cost of food or few opportunities to get more active – there are always reasons not to change. But things that you do now can make a real difference. We’re not going to pretend that change is always easy, but we’re here to help. 

Focus on the things that matter

There’s a whole range of things that influence our weight. It's not as simple as eating less and moving more. Anxiety, screen time, lack of sleep - they can all play a part.

Click on the links for advice and further help on: 

  • nutrition and your family’s diet, from tips on feeding infants to tasty recipes that can be tried in kitchens of any size 
  • getting more active
  • general health topics that influence weight such as the importance of sleep, demonstrating behaviour to your kids, body image etc 

Talking to your child or teenager about weight

Discussing weight with children can be a difficult conversation to have. This guide offers parents and caregivers positive advice to help kids be healthy and feel good about their bodies.

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Overweight child walking on the road

Why new habits are so hard to stick to

Change can be hard to handle, whether you’re a child or an adult. But exactly why are new habits so hard to stick to? GP Radha Modgil explains more in this short video.

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