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Our weight is driven by the food we eat and the chances we take to burn it off through being active.

As parents, there are lots of things that we can do to help our children combat the triggers that lead to weight gain - and encourage them on their way to a healthier future.

From modern day issues over screen use to the age-old battlegrounds of children’s bedtimes or low self esteem, find out more about some of the causes of weight gain.


‘What can I do if my child is overweight?’ – NHS advice

We’re all getting used to people getting heavier. but we shouldn’t be - particularly where our children are concerned. If you’re eligible for the full Be Your Best programme you’re in line for extra help but there are things all of us can do, as this summary shows.

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Getting into a new groove – Video: why new habits are hard to stick to

Change isn’t easy. Whether it’s trying new foods, cutting back on sugary snacks or committing to being active, why DO we find it so hard?  

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Sleep and screens

Healthy bedtime habits - NHS sleep tips for children

Find out what you can do to encourage a super snooze, and how much sleep children need at different ages.

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Parents: are YOU feeling sleepy? NHS sleep advice for adults

A good night’s sleep is vital for mums and dads too – read what you can do. Got insomnia? Find tips that might help.

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How much is too much? Screen time guide for 0-6’s

Getting into good habits now can save parents a lot of grief later on!  See some recommendations on what your little ones watch.

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From screen times to cyberbullying - Digital parenting for your family

Want to know how Baby Spice controls her family’s digital footprint? The answer – and lots of others like it (including snippets on the latest trending apps) – can be found on this great site from Vodafone.

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Good mental health

How to help your children feel good – Self-esteem support guide

Trying to be positive can be one of the hardest things to learn for children but building mental strength is key to trying new things and being happy.

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Helping yourself feel better – Raising low self esteem

It’s not just kids who might need a mental hand. A lack of confidence can impact on how we feel every day, but there are things you can do to help yourself.

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Self esteem for teens – Video: what defines you?

Our teenage years are difficult in all sorts of ways but it’s a time when self-belief can take a hammering. This video helps teens understand that they’re not alone in what they’re feeling.

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Further help

Help near you for the early years – Surrey child health drop-ins

Led by nursery nurses, these sessions run at Family Centres, clinics and other venues across Surrey and offer support on your infant’s development.

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Phone based help for families – Surrey advice line

For families with children aged 0-19, a telephone service runs from 8am – 5pm Mon to Fri on 01883 340922 which can help with everything from healthy eating to behaviour issues.

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