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Be Your Best is Surrey’s weight management programme, aimed at families with children and teenagers aged 5-17 who are above the healthy weight range.

Be Your Best can help all parents with universal online advice, but families who might need an extra hand to manage their child or teenager's weight can get further, personal support via our targeted programme, plus learn more at sessions designed to help change long-held habits.

To be part of the full, targeted programme, you generally need to have a child or teenager who attend a Surrey School, live in Surrey or are registered with a Surrey GP practice.

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Emily's Be Your Best journey

Emily was already eating plenty of fruit and vegetables before starting the Be Your Best programme, but admitted having too much sugar could be an issue.

With Mum and Dad's help, Emily is now eating much less sugar and is feeling much healthier. She even discovered a love of peppers and celery along the way!

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Healthy weight advice for all parents and carers

If your child or teenager does not meet the threshold to get onto the full programme you can still find lots of help on our Resources for Parents page.

Here, you’ll find links to approved websites, videos and other tools that can help with things like healthy eating, free ways to be active with the kids, how to manage screen time vs sleep and much more. And if there’s some weight related topic you’d like to know about, just contact us to let us know.

Our FAQs will answer many of the questions you may have but once you’re accepted onto Be Your Best as a parent or carer of an eligible child or teenager, your family will recieve 1:1 consultations with a health and wellbeing coach.

You’ll also be able to attend online workshops - which cover specific topics and allow you to meet other parents with weight-related questions. You will also get a chance to follow a cookery class.

All the while, your child or teenager will get the chance to learn more about why staying healthy matters, with games to play and snacks they can create.