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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We get that. Hopefully the other pages on this site can give you answers but if not you can always check out the questions below.

General questions on Be Your Best

It’s all free provided your child falls into one of the eligible groups.

While the full Be Your Best programme is targeted at those families who need help the most, our aim is to help as many families as we possibly can. It's always best to contact us and we'll provide as much support as can to help you make the changes that you want.


If you’re accepted onto the programme, you should expect it to take about 12 weeks, although you can attend the group events at your chosen Family Centre for the whole time the programme is running there (about 18 weeks)

To be part of Be Your Best you need to commit to the one-to-one nurse consultations. You'll also get a lot more out of the programme if you take part in as many of the group workshops as you can.

We’ll arrange two follow-up home appointments to see if you have any further questions. These will happen around 6 and 12 months after the date of your first one-to-one consultation.

Family Centres (not applicable due to COVID-19 guidelines)

All 21 Family Centres in Surrey will offer the Be Your Best programme, but not at the same time. To find when your nearest Centre is running the full BYB programme please see the BYB Parents’ Events page.

Yes, you can choose to make the Centre most convenient for you your ‘home’ Centre, provided it’s in Surrey. But remember that some Centres will finish running Be Your Best sooner than others – see the BYB Group Sessions page for details of when they’re operating.

Sorry, no – you need to attend all of your group sessions at the same Centre.

Group / parent events

They’re a chance for parents accepted onto the full targeted programme to learn practical tips, ask questions and find ways of breaking old habits which will have a big impact on family health. Unless coronavirus restrictions mean we need to move back to operating virtually, they're held in your local Family Centre when we're in your area. Check out the Centres and topics we're covering on our BYB Parents’ Events page.

The main sessions are mainly designed for parents whose children have been accepted into the full Be Your Best programme but other families can sometimes join in so please give us a ring.

While you’re taking part in the parents’ sessions your children will pick up some activities of their own designed to keep them busy and having fun.

As soon as you’ve had your first personal consultation with a BYB nurse you can start to book onto the session of your choice.

Apart from a lot of handy tips each family will receive a handbook, weekly recipes and lots more!


The son or daughter who has been enrolled into the Be Your Best programme should certainly come with you. While you’re at the parents’ session they’ll be looked after with activities of their own

It depends on how many other children we already have booked in, and how old your children are. Please call us to discuss as we have to ensure we have enough staff present to run the child activities on the day.

No, at least one family member over 18 years must be present at the group sessions.

Provided they meet the criteria, any child under 12 can join Be Your Best

Information for Healthcare Professionals

SImply complete the BYB Referral Form and we'll take it from there. If you have any questions about the information it's asking for, please contact us