Be Your Best group sessions

If your family is eligible for the full programme, you’ll not only get personal support from a health and wellbeing coach, but you’ll also be able to attend online group sessions.

Be Your Best group sessions are interactive, practical workshops that will mean you can help your child or teenager feel better about themselves. As a parent/carer you’ll find ways to gradually introduce healthier habits that will leave your family feeling great.

Any child or teenager who’s part of the programme will get to take part in their own activity while you’re in the parents’ session – learning more about which foods can make them feel like superheroes, or creating healthy snacks of their own.

Father giving son apple seated by table in kitchen

For families with children aged 5-12 years:

We are currently running 6-week online group sessions that run every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm – 5.30 pm via Zoom. Group sessions cover a range of topics and allow you to meet other parents. Topics covered include:

  • Being our best and influencing our children to be their best
  • Planning for the best future
  • Cooking session on making simple and nutritious meals for your family
  • Importance of sleep, activity and reducing screen time
  • Fun and interactive supermarket tours on labels and making healthier choices

If you would like to know more about group sessions, contact us.