Be Your Best Privacy Policy

June 2023


‘Be Your Best’ (‘BYB’) is a weight management and healthy lifestyle programme for Surrey families who have children aged 12 or under. It is delivered and managed by Active Surrey, in partnership with Children and Family Health Surrey (Central Surrey Health) and the University of Surrey’s Dietetic Department. 

The full ‘Targeted Programme’ includes one-to-one visit, and ‘Group Sessions’ for ‘eligible families’ (see below).

‘Universal Offer’ is offered to all families with children above 91st centile for BMI (overweight) who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Targeted Programme or do not wish to commit to the full Targeted Programme. Families on Universal Offer will receive ‘BYB Connect’, which comprises self-help resources and can also include access to ‘group sessions’ (parent / family workshops), if places are available following sign up from families on the Targeted Programme.

‘Universal Offer Plus’ is offered in exceptional cases to families that are not eligible for the Targeted Programme but where parents would still like some support from Be Your Best. For Universal Offer Plus, only the parents are offered a place in the parent sessions of the six online group sessions.

‘Eligible families’ are those with a child 12 or under who is over the 91st centile for BMI (overweight) and live or go to a school in Surrey. We particularly welcome families with children who;

  • have a mild / moderate learning disability or SEND (attending a Mainstream school)
  • have a long-term health condition or disability
  • lives in one of the 30% most deprived areas of Surrey
  • comes from a family on a low income (typically less than £20,000 per annum) or receives benefits
  • is from an ethnically diverse community (EDC)

‘Family FIT’; Family FIT group exercise sessions are live, interactive home fitness classes that run online on Zoom. Sessions are designed to be fun and are delivered by a qualified instructor, normally on Wednesdays.

‘Group Sessions’ refers to online sessions run by the University of Surrey. Online group sessions typically take place twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

‘1-to-1 Sessions’ refer to personal sessions with a specialist member of staff (nurse or health coach). These could be face-to-face, online, or by phone.

‘Upshot’ is a secure, password-protected data capture system that is used to manage and monitor personal data for those in the Targeted Programme, Universal Offer, and Universal Offer Plus.

The following organisations will have access to the secure Upshot system;

  • Active Surrey (Head of Health, Health Manager, Healthy Lifestyles Officer, Health Officer, two Health Projects Assistants, Strategic Lead, Business Support Officer, and one externally employed BYB Health Coach)
  • Upshot Administrator
  • Children and Family Health Surrey (BYB nurses x 3)
  • University of Surrey (Programme Director Dietetics)

'Us', or 'We' means all of the teams listed above.

Be Your Best Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we use information about you and protect your privacy.

Why do we need your personal data?

With your consent we collect your data and that of any eligible child to manage your participation in Be Your Best and to measure the overall effectiveness of the programme.

What data we collect and what we do with it

  • For those enquiring about BYB via the programme website (, we will collect your full name, email address and telephone number. These details will be used to contact you to check your family’s eligibility for the programme and answer any initial questions.
  • For those requesting enrolment into the Targeted Programme a referral form will be completed.  This can be completed by you electronically or over the phone, or by a professional (with your agreement) electronically. A link to the referral form can be found on our website

Details from the referral form will be input into the Upshot database (see ‘Definitions’ above) by the BYB Health Projects Assistants or Healthy Lifestyles Officer before notifying the BYB specialist staff member of your referral. The BYB specialist staff member will use these details to contact you to book your 1-to-1 sessions.

Notes from your 1-to-1’s will be added to Upshot, along with indicators of you and your child’s participation in formal Group and Family FIT Sessions etc.

Alongside Upshot, the BYB team in Active Surrey will keep name, contact details and further non-personal information from people on other matters related to the programme for day-to-day use (such as quotes and feedback you provide on BYB, details of local activity ideas which may be of interest to you, consent for photos etc). This information will be stored on secure servers hosted by Surrey County Council (primarily using a system called SharePoint).

  • Should you be ineligible or decide not to proceed with the full Targeted BYB programme you can choose to be referred to the Universal Offer, our open-to-all offer.  The details you supplied will be kept for 6 months, after which only your surname and first half of your postcode (i.e. ‘GU22’) will still be held on Upshot.
  • Any paper, or electronic copies of the referral form held on Surrey County Council devices will be securely destroyed as soon as your details have been uploaded onto Upshot, which will be within no more than one month.
  • If you are not referred to the Universal Offer or the Targeted Programme no details will be kept.
  • Once the BYB specialist staff member has visited / contacted you, and you are happy to be fully enrolled onto the Targeted Programme, they will complete a BYB Enrolment Pack.
  • The BYB specialist staff member will input details from the Enrolment Pack and the participant handbook directly onto Upshot OR take a photo using their work phone in order to input the completed results onto the Upshot database after their visit. Once uploaded, the paper copy of the Enrolment Pack and/or the information on the BYB specialist staff member phone will be securely destroyed. With online sessions, the BYB specialist staff member may ask for self-reported data via email or text. Once recorded on Upshot this will be deleted.
  • Once on the Targeted Programme, the BYB specialist staff member will also supply you with an A5 Handbook in which you will be asked to record information including:
    • a week’s food diary (for you and your child)
    • a week’s activity diary (for you and your child)
    • a week’s screen time (for your child).
  • Children and Family Health Surrey record Be Your Best participation in patients’ electronic health records onto an internal system called EMIS.
  • Bookings for group sessions (which include Family FIT online exercise classes) will be made via phone or email which only the BYB team (Health Projects Assistants and Healthy Lifestyles Officer) will have access to. Changes to bookings also need to be confirmed via telephone or email.
  • Medical conditions, learning disabilities and any requests for personalised support which you have previously disclosed may be shared with the leader of a group session to ensure you / your child have the best experience possible.
  • When attending Group Sessions (including online Family FIT sessions - fun, low-level physical activity routines) a register will be taken. If you are part of the Targeted Programme your attendance will be noted on your Upshot record, and registers will then be destroyed.
  • If you are attending the Cooking Group Session run by Family Learning you will be asked details for their course purpose and this information will be kept by them for a period of 7 years.
  • In the event of an emergency / safeguarding incident during a 1:1 visit or a Group session (such as a child slipping and injuring themselves during a Family FIT online exercise) we (plus other relevant BYB partners such as those running the session) may record details of the incident and share these as required with the Emergency Services / safeguarding professionals.
  • We work with the University of Surrey to deliver the Be Your Best programme. They directly deliver the online group session on a Tuesday and Thursday. They are also contracted to monitor and evaluate the programme to demonstrate impact to our funders – Public Health Surrey. This means they have secure access to our Upshot system and draw down data to produce reports. Data is then anonymised and analysed by the University of Surrey for reporting purposes. These anonymous reports are saved by Active Surrey’s BYB team on SharePoint, a secure platform provided by Surrey County Council.
  • The evaluation may appear in external sources deemed suitable by the Be Your Best team. However, no personal details will be shared.
  • Photos / videos may be taken of you / your child during the programme, but in cases where you / your child are identifiable, the shots will be used ONLY with your consent, which will be recorded separately. This consent will typically last for 5 years.
  • Your information or your child’s information will never be sold to third parties. Unless you have given us permission to share your details with external providers for access to community services.

Data storage and security

Any data you provide will be stored securely by Active Surrey on servers hosted by Surrey County Council. The online database we use (Upshot) data will be encrypted and stored on servers within the EU. Any temporary paper records will be securely destroyed within no more than one month from date of creation.

The Upshot system on which we record participants’ details is a non-profit social enterprise – Upshot Systems Community Interest Company (CIC) supporting organisations tackling a range of social issues, providing a range of services around the world. You can read their detailed Privacy Statement at Privacy statement | Upshot.

Children and Family Health Surrey Privacy statement can be found here:


Data storage duration

  • Enquiries made using the ‘Contact’ form on the Be Your Best website will be kept for a maximum of 4 months before deletion.
  • The information you give us will be uploaded onto the BYB database controlled by Active Surrey using a system called Upshot. Paper copies will then be destroyed. The information you provide will be kept on Upshot for up to 4 years from the date of enrolment. Your information will be anonymised after a period of 18 months upon enrolment, which means all your personal data will be removed and only your surname, first half of your postcode (i.e. ‘GU22’) and anonymised survey results will be kept and used for programme evaluation. In the event of you wishing to still attend the online ‘Family FIT’ sessions on Wednesdays, your email address will still be kept on file until the end of the programme – March 2024.
  • Paper copies of any Referral Form or details copied from a user’s Enrolment Pack will be destroyed as soon as the information has been successfully uploaded to Upshot, which will be no more than one month from the date supplied.
  • Local registers for Group Sessions taken by session leaders will be destroyed as soon as details of those attending have been added to Upshot, which will be no longer than one month from the date of the course.
  • Any photos or videos – which will only be used after your additional consent has been obtained - may be kept for 5 years.
  • Active Surrey is required to retain details relating to any medical or safeguarding incidents or accidents that occur for two years following the end of the Be Your Best programme.


Change or deletion of your details

  • You may contact Active Surrey's BYB Programme Lead via email on or by telephone on 01483 517005 to request a copy of the data held on you/your child and to request that this personal data is amended if incorrect or deleted.
  • We have set out what we do with your data and your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation May 2018.

Questions about this Policy or your data

  • If you have any queries about how your data is used, please contact, in the first instance, the BYB Programme Lead, Active Surrey, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 7QQ. Telephone: 01483 517005


Additional privacy policies

Active Surrey are a hosted organisation by Surrey County Council. To view SCC’s full corporate privacy note, visit Corporate privacy notice - how we use your personal data - Surrey County Council (