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Safeguarding your family's health in a time of change

The changes we have seen since coronavirus arrived have been huge. What seemed normal before the pandemic now feels like it was from another age, but one thing that won't change is you wanting to do the right thing by your family.

In the face of a crisis, parents generally experience the same sort of thoughts, feelings and fears in relation to their children.  And while the day to day impacts of the changes that the virus has forced us to make are obvious, some of the new pressures those changes have brought can affect our mental health. 

Diet and exercise have a big part to play on mental wellbeing, so read on for some tips that may help.

General tips to help during a time of change


Change can be unsettling for all of us, but especially children. Learn more about how building new habits can help your family make healthy choices.

Get into a new groove

Tips for supermarket shops

Plan your meals and don't shop hungry; tips to get the most out of your visit to the supermarket.

Shop smart


Being stuck at home can be a trigger for snacking when we don't really need to. Find out how you can avoid the temptation and what to try as a healthy snack for your children.

Ideas to chew on

Food & mood

Feeling low or stressed can change our eating habits and make us crave food that isn't good for our spirits. Yet the opposite is also true - the food you choose can improve your mood.

Feel good food

Make the most of your food

Did you know that you can freeze eggs as long as they're not in their shells? Read some tips on storing and using food in a different way.

Stretch your shopping

The importance of sleep

Quality and quantity of sleep is vitally important for our wellbeing and our ability to learn new things - particularly childen. Yet did you know it can affect your weight?

Sleep easy

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